Membership Requirements:   Any male or female age 21-40.

Becoming a member is easy!

Step 1:Attend a meeting or special event open to the public. Regular Members meetings are held once a month (4th Tuesday) at 6 pm at Stampede's Bar and Grill (first floor, backroom).  And arrive early if you want to order food and drinks!

Member or not, everyone is welcome to join us! Feel free to come to a meeting and get to know our organization! Another great way to get more familiar with the Jaycees is to like our Facebook page, which we update frequently.

Step 2:Have a chat with some of the current members about who we are, what we do, why we like the organization, etc. Decide if this is the organization for you.

Step 3:Find the Membership Vice President or President.

Step 4:Fill out your application (available at or membership brochure  and pay your dues ($57.50, due annually for each member).

Step 5:Keep coming back! Attend a community development project, come to a social and individual development events, and attend Regular Member Meetings when you can - always check our Facebook page for details!

Sound good to you? Want to join us?
Please email or
message the Facebook page and we'll give you all the details


If you want to do more, experience more, and accomplish more every day, you should invest your time in the Jaycees!

The Mason City Junior Chamber (the Jaycees) is a people-building organization. We positively impact the community we live in, the people we are, and the people we will become. Through community and personal development projects, we are building a better Mason City and the world around us, one leader at a time.

Ultimately, what you get out of the Jaycees is what you put into it. Your involvement has the potential to reap huge benefits.

Develop as a professional and community leader through hands-on learning opportunities.
•Build your leadership skills through active participation, including project planning and volunteerism.
•Directly help improve your community.
•Connect with young people in your community, state, nation and internationally around common goals.  We are a proud affiliate of JCI Iowa/Iowa Jaycees (, JCI USA (, and JCI (
•Build and polish skills that benefit both your personal and professional life, including public speaking, writing, project management, finance, volunteer management, networking, and entrepreneurship, to name just a few.
•Find mentors in your community and develop the skills to mentor others.
•Build self-confidence and belief in your own potential as a young person.
•Feel ownership over your work in an all-volunteer organization.
•Express your voice as a young person in the affairs of your community, your state, your country, and your world.
•Have self-satisfaction, self-confidence, and belief in your own potential as a young person – the greatest reward of all!